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EarlyBird Funding provides the tools necessary to empower our community to manage their investments in FinTech companies effectively

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EarlyBird Funding is a Listing Advisor, Broker and Member of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V. ("DCSX").


to EarlyBird Funding

EarlyBird Funding provides the tools necessary to empower our community to manage their investments in FinTech companies effectively

Together with the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V. (“DCSX”) we provide access to a regulated and transparent marketplace for all participants.


Our unique platform and model enables

Funding & investment in FinTech start-up companies in exchange for shares

The listing/IPO of FinTech companies

Trading through the buying/selling of stock in listed FinTech companies

Investor portfolio management

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Keeping it simple


We welcome new investors to our exclusive funding, investment and trading platform.


All investors are required to verify their identity and status to successfully complete the registration process.

Trading Account

Management and control of your investment portfolio.


Investors now have the opportunity to invest in FinTech start-up companies prior to IPO/Listing.

IPO Launch

After an IPO is funded & listed, investors can buy & sell shares on the public market.


Join EarlyBird Funding

Focus on start-ups

Dedicated to funding and listing exceptional Start-up companies.

Low Minimum Investments

Have $100 to invest? We accept investments of any size. You decide how many shares you purchase.

Regulated Marketplace

EarlyBird Funding provides a transparent and regulated marketplace. EarlyBird Funding operates via the DCSX, which is supervised by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Saint Maarten.

Putting you in control

All trades are placed Online by you, the Investor. You decide what and when to buy or sell. You decide how much and what your minimum or maximum price is.


Connecting capital with innovation

To revolutionise and re-energise the FinTech start-up industry; uniting exceptional Tech companies with our community of global investors.


Experienced & Organised

Here at EarlyBird Funding we pride ourselves in being
the next generation Brokerage Company

We are a group of experienced, well organised and recognised professionals with our integrity and reputation being the fundamental component in everything we strive to achieve.

We believe that engaging and taking our clients and customers (our community, our family) on the journey should be at the heart of our business.

As a licensed broker and listing advisor on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) combined with our unique trading platform we are in the position of offering opportunities in FinTech start-ups within a regulated and transparent marketplace to our entire community.

Based in Curaçao (an autonomous country within the Kingdom of The Netherlands) with a focus on international markets we have 3 main under-takings.

Funding & Listing

Ensuring Funding and Listing of exceptional small & mid-sized FinTech start-up companies.

Investor Portfolio Management

Providing investors with the tools necessary to effectively manage their investments.

Perfect Synergy

And finally, bringing both our FinTech start-ups & investors communities together in harmony.

We perform a thorough due-diligence process on all potential tech companies ensuring a balance between commercial competitiveness and innovation, enabling our community of investors to own an equity stake in these companies through online investments on our platform.